Our artisan pasta is made from pesticide free wheat from our land in Sicily. The pasta id is extruded through bronze dies and this gives it a nicer and great texture compared to standard industrial produce. Moreover it is all dried carefully and for a long time to give it the right consistency and quality this pasta shows off.

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Casereccia, also named Campagnola on our labels, is a pasta shape that originates from Sicily. Produced with wheat from our land Trapani using artisan machinery it is a great pasta for a ragu, meat and tomato sauce, or saucy condiments as its shape does help to scoop all that amazing juicess with your fork in one go. Trapanese pesto is definitely a great condiment, simple and fast while still rich in flavour, to taste this pasta.

This pasta is made with Saragolla wheat. This makes our pasta a great source of fibre, selenium, manganese, magnesium and protein.

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