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How a grain of durum wheat became a great Sicilian bread

Once upon a time an impatient little wheat grain from the West Sicilian island wandered around the Rubino dam. He walked up the hill.  He was so delighted by the breathtaking scenery that he decided to stay there for ever. He dug the soil and quenched his thirst from the prodigious natural water.  He relished the warm Sicilian days and gentle, fresh rain showers.  

The little grain started growing. He sprang his roots and he sprouted from the soil to a marvellous stem.  He could now relish the splendid Sicilian weather even more.

He grew  and grew until he became a long, magnificent golden spike, a spike of traditional Sicilian Tancredi wheat.

Summer came at last.  And the golden spike hardened and dried flawlessly with the scorching hot 35 Celsius temperatures.  It was ready for harvest! Harvest is a wonderful moment for the farmers. Finally, they are able to experience the circle of life where a simple grain can be transformed in a fragrant spike with another 28 little grains ready for planting or for production of semola for pasta and bread.

Pane di Semola Rimacinata, Sicilian flavour

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