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Busiata Trapanese

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Sicilian Flavour Busiate and caserecce jet set grey background
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Amazing taste as if you were in West Sicily

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Busiate with pesto trapanese and aubergines
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Caserecce and ragu, nice

Scoop all that juicy ragu with the perfectly shaped Caserecce, enjoy the extra taste brought by our organically harvested in our land in Sicily

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Caserecce with ragu, traditional Sicilian Flavour pasta
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code name unit price (£) unit (KG/L)
price (KG/L)
Busiate Trapanesi (500gr)
10 x pack 36.99 kilogram 7.4
2 x pack 9.99 kilogram 9.99
24 x pack 66.99 kilogram 5.58
Caserecce (500gr)
10 x pack 29.99 kilogram 5.99
2 x pack 9.49 kilogram 9.49
32 x pack 79.99 kilogram 4.99
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Semolina/rimacinata only Sicilian pizza

Sicilian Flavour durum wheat pizza dough and cooked

Commercial flours out there use mainly 00 flour, made with soft wheat richer in gluten, or 00 mixed with rimacinata/semolina.
As we produce only organic durum wheat we are going to show you the result of our pizza as we made it on the 23rd Jan 2021.

I hope you like our dough and pizza in this gallery. Do get in touch if you have any further questions, suggestions both about this recipe or about our products.